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Introducing The Interceptor

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The Interceptor

MetaMask Compatible
Browser Extension

Secures Your Crypto

Transactions explained

Tired of not understanding what you are signing?

Scam protection

Identify and automatically prevent scams


View the effect of a transaction without executing transaction, view dApp updates based on transaction simulation  


Don't let not having a private key prevent you from browsing dApp like Vitalik

How it works

Who We Are

Dark Florist is an exceptional team of Ethereum developers who are tired of poor user experience and security of the current Ethereum wallet landscape and we are here to build things better.

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Home: About Us
Meet The Herd

Micah Zoltu

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Senior Blockchain Engineer


Scott Bigelow

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Smart Contract Auditor



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Data Scientist

Home: Contact
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Sign Up for Early Access

Good to have you on board! Join us on Discord to follow our progress.

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