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Interceptor Protections

The Interceptor can detect and defend against:

Sending Tokens to Token itself

Accidentally copying token address as recipient of tokens instead of intended destination

$21,000 loss Example

Interaction with Source Unverified Contract

Token Approvals to contracts not source verified on Etherscan

Token Approval to Non-Contract Account

Token Approval is often used by scammers to steal your money later, while only usually required when interacting with a contract

$15,000 Loss Example

Excessive Gas Price

Setting gas price significantly above base fee.

$22M Loss Example Tx

Calling a function on a Non-Contract Account 

Compromised NFT dApps will often create a transaction calling mint() directly on scammer's wallet.

$1,200 Loss Example

Sending Tokens to Known Bad Destination

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$12,500 Loss Example Tx

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